To You

A few weeks ago, one of the women told me, “You have made a way for us.  Thank you.”  While I definitely got teary-eyed hearing her say those kind words, I didn’t hear that as a singular “you” but instead as a collective “you.”  Her “thank you” goes well beyond me. 

“Making a way” for these ladies happened because of a huge group of people.  It was not a solo venture on my part.  I may have been the hands and feet here in-country with these women, but it took all of us to get it done.  God created His body to accomplish big things together.  Things much, much grander than one person could pull off on their own. 


who prayed for these ladies

who supported me financially

who bought project supplies

who sponsored new sewing machines

who let me out of obligations for 3 months

who sent encouraging emails

who sent packages to me and the girls

who simply followed along on the blog

YOU ALL made a way for the ladies of Peace House.  I often felt like the ambassador sent on behalf of a huge team, knowing that many of you were investing yourselves in what’s happening here from wherever you are in the world.  Thank you.  From me.  And from these ladies who you have helped make a way for. 

This story is not over.  The women are doing well, but they will have struggles ahead.  They still need your prayers.  While I don’t know exactly what our collective roles will be going forward, I’ll keep you in the know as I know. 

Seriously, thank you for believing in me and believing that God is still doing work in people.   

Libby GiffordComment