Multi-Disciplinary Designer & Creative Director

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Libby Gifford

I’ve been making things for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I painted with watercolors and built my own doll houses. As a teenager, I designed shirts for my school organizations and stage sets for local events. As a college student at Louisiana Tech, I studied graphic design and took classes in the fine arts. Since then, I’ve kept up my habit of making, whether it’s been part of my day job or as a creative outlet.

Currently, I work full-time as the Creative Director for FinCon, a digital marketing conference for content creators in the personal finance niche. Creative Directing allows me to utilize a variety of skills and tackle a range of creative needs, including print design, environment and stage set design, product development, and event design. It’s a fun job that allows me to bring together my past work experiences in both the design world and more people-oriented jobs.

Before working with FinCon, I freelanced as a designer, illustrator, and installation artists for 6 years, as well as owned a children’s t-shirt company called Cozy Mosie. I also spent a few years on staff with several churches and non-profit ministries, working with young adults and as a Creative Director.

I believe in living life colorfully and that everyone has creativity inside of them - sometimes, you’ve just got to dig until you find it! I currently live and work in Nashville, TN.





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