A New Day

One of my favorite parts of creating things, whether it’s a piece of art, a design for a client, or a new product, is seeing my work used or displayed for the first time.  There’s a unique joy that comes with seeing other people interact with and take in what I’ve made.  Today, the Peace House ladies discovered that joy for the first time! 

Peace House has a booth set up this week at an expo for local organizations and businesses.  It’s a great opportunity for the ladies to showcase the new products they’ve been working on.  And let me tell you, the girls were so proud of themselves today when it was all set-up. Today was also the first time that the ladies officially used their new co-op and product line name, Ndabona.

Cynthia shared that today was somewhat of a dream come true for her. She’s seen women selling handcrafts at expos many times and has known she has the skills to make similar products.  However, she didn't believe anyone would want what she had to offer.  She said it was as if God answered a prayer that she hadn’t even prayed yet.   

To be honest, I got a little misty-eyed watching my friends interact with customers and stand beside the table full of their hard-work.  Not only due to the new products displayed, but also because of the sense of value that exuded from the huge smiles that never left their faces.  Today was a new day for these ladies!