Lots of Victories

Things have been quite busy at the Peace House during the last few weeks!  Some days the teaching and learning together is difficult, while other days seem like a breeze.  It’s definitely a one-day-at-a-time situation.  The plan changes a lot depending upon which girls pick up on what skills.  Every day is definitely a victory though.  What's easy is seeing how proud each girl is of herself and her new accomplishments, even if on that particular day it’s just that she remembered to hold the scissors right side up.

Heather getting schooled by Josiane in the ways of the treadle.

A good friend and excellent seamstress, Heather Miles, is here for three weeks, bestowing all of her sewing knowledge on the ladies.  We’ve mastered the art of making headbands, and a few of the girls completed their first child-sized quilt together. They’ve also used an iron for the first time and are learning about cutting patterns.

The first quilt-top that Cynthia, Therese, & Josiane completed.

The ladies have somewhat divided themselves into two groups – those who like to sew and those who don’t.  Heather has been working with the sewers to improve their skills and take on new projects, like throw pillows and wallets.  I’ve been working with the non-sewers on printing fabric with stamps that we made.  

Getting their headband skills on.

Printing some fab fabrics....and doing quite well at it.  They printed all of the fabric hanging in the top picture of this post within just a few days.

Using patterns for the first time. 

We also celebrated International Women's Day with Fanta and Cokes all around.  You do it glass bottle style with straws around here.  And hot, minus the ice.