Look what the ladies have been up to....sewing on the treadle machines!  They've covered all the basics and are sewing somewhat straight lines.   

There were a couple of days that I was unsure of whether or not we would all get the hang of this sewing business.  That's when "Miracle Man Muzeyi" entered the scene.  MMM is the repairman who came to Peace House to do maintenance on the machines that were all breaking down last week.  He ended up spending almost 5 hours with us, teaching the girls how to care for the machines and giving them beginner sewing lessons.  It seems a lot of important info was lost in translation when I'd been teaching them.  By the time MMM left, all of the ladies were sewing away.  It really felt like a miracle.  

I find it no coincidence that "Miracle Man Muzeyi" was running late and showed up in the afternoon instead of the morning.  The ladies had the morning off to recover from the safari we took this past weekend (details on that later), so had MMM been on time, none of the ladies would have been there to learn from him! 

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