Saturday was D-Day. 

Donuts.  Day Program.  Down time.  Dinner. 

I started the day with the Shelby’s at African Bagel Company.  ABC typically specializes in bagels and awesome outdoor seating, but on Saturday mornings they also serve donuts, a novelty here. 

Working on shapes and primary colors.

By 9:30am, we were at the Peace House for the boys’ Day Program, one of my favorite things I’ve participated in here.   Right now 12 boys are living at the Peace House, but on Saturdays 15-20 additional guys gather in the backyard.  Those guys live on the streets during the week.  While at the Day Program, they meet in discipleship groups, can bathe, do laundry, and get a good meal.  

Art at the Day Program.

Learning some English.

Saturday morning the Day Program guys rotated between stations - English, art, and taekwondo.  My friend Louise, one of the missionaries here, is an artist and has been teaching art at the Day Program for a while.  I helped her review shapes and colors with the boys.  She did a great job talking about God’s creativity and reminding the guys that they are His best work of art.

My big goal was learning all the guys’ names, which is a challenge because there are so many and I’m not used to the French and Rwandan names. Albert. Antoine. Peter. Bosco. Everest. Diodonne. Jean-Something. Jean-Something II. Jean-Something III. Jean-Something IV.  I’ve still got a long way to go!

The last couple of Saturday afternoons, I’ve tried to get out and about on my own.  Both times I’ve ended up at Bourbon, a local coffeeshop, for some down time.


The Shelby’s and I ended the day with dinner at SoleLuna. One thing I love here is that most of the restaurants have open-air seating, usually with a great view.  Sole Luna does not disappoint in that arena. They not only serve great pizza and lasagna, but they have one of my favorite views of the city.

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