Josie using the ruler and rotary cutter for the first time.

The ladies have made a lot of progress in the sewing world this week!  Their favorite lesson was matching the colors of threads and fabrics.  We also transitioned from their current cutting tool, razorblades, to using scissors and then on to the rotary cutter.  The rotary still makes them nervous, but they like that it saves a lot of time.  It seems like their favorite part of using it is telling each other how they are using it wrong.        

Brave Therese made the first cuts.

Fabric coil pots.

The first new product we're working on is baskets / pots made from coiled rope wrapped in fabric strips and hand-sewn together.  They picked up the process so quickly!  Everyone has finished at least one already, so their weekend homework assignment is to have 2 new ones completed by Monday.  They actually liked having homework, so I didn't feel too badly about playing that teacher card.

What I'm listening to: Too much Celine Dion. We've got a neighbor who likes to wake up and fall asleep to Celine.  Since everyone sleeps with their windows open, I get to wake up and fall asleep to her too.    

Game I've mastered: Charades. When you can't communicate with words, hand motions and facial expressions are all you've got.  Unless you wanna lose badly, do not challenge me to a game of charades when I get home.

People I've run into: A pastor from a church in Conway, Arkansas where I lived for 4 years. 

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