On Pins and Needles!


The first time I participated in Bible Study with the Peace House ladies, they each shared what they were grateful for. Cynthia said she was glad someone had come to teach her to sew because she believes sewing can change her life & she'd been waiting a long time to learn. 

Cynthia & Dorcas beginning their pin cushions.

Cynthia's wait ended today when the girls finally got their hands on needles and thread. We worked on hand sewing straight stitches and backstitches.  Most of the girls picked the skill up quickly and did a great job. They were concentrating so hard that they barely made a peep! We ended the session by making pin cushions that'll eventually hold all the pins and needles they'll use as we progress in our sewing lessons. 

Esther, Beathe, & Therese concentrating hard.

And yes, a pin cushion is basically a tiny pillow, so the girls simultaneously put their "tiny pillows" on the table and laid their foreheads down.  That got the biggest laugh of the day.  One girl even proclaimed that she'd never have to buy a pillow to sleep on again.  

Josiane & her "tiny pillow."

First sewing project completed!
  • Things I've seen: a man carrying 10 pair of folded jeans stacked on his head
  • Things I've learned to say: not much...turns out my ability to learn another language hasn't improved at ALL since my days in high school French class.  It's only gotten worse.
  • People I've met: Cynthia, read her story!

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