Life Sounds Like Laughter

Life sounds like laughter.  At least that’s what I’ve decided after spending the last two days with the girls of Peace House.  They laugh constantly- while they’re making jewelry, during their Bible study, and at lunch.  It rarely seems to cease.  And while I’m not sure what they’re saying 90% of the time, the constant laughter and smiling faces let me know that these girls have found new life.  Don’t get me wrong, several times throughout both days, girls have shared stories that have broken my heart, but even still, somewhere in there, they speak of hope and change.   Then the smiles return and the laughter continues.

So far, I’ve spent my time at Peace House working alongside the girls, getting to know them and gaining an understanding of their current jewelry-making process.  They begin the day at 9am with Bible study, followed by 5 or so hours of jewelry-making.  I’ve discovered that I have very little stamina compared to these girls!  By hour 3 of stringing beads on my first day, I was starting to doze off and was taking fake bathroom breaks just to be able to stretch my legs.  Today was bead-making day, which consisted of rolling strips of magazine paper into small beads.  Because Josiane kept watching me and laughing, I asked how many beads she’d made so far.  Every time she completed a set of 10, she’d write it down and hold up the paper to show me across the table.  And then, of course, she’d also make me count up mine. My answer always sent her into a fit of laughter.  It turns out that Josiane’s BPH (Beads Per Hour) rate is 50, while my BPH was only 20!

DAY 2.jpg
  • Things I’ve eaten:  cooked bananas, which have the texture of potatoes.  Who knew?
  • Things I’ve seen:  a local woman carrying a bag ( both wider and taller than she was) on her head without using her hands.  Gives a whole new perspective to the phrase “look, ma, no hands”
  • People I’ve met: Josiane, who has an incredible story of moving from death to life.  Read it here!
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